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Norbite uses wax moth's larvae's ability to eat plastic, wax and other materials to solve waste management and food production at the same time. Through a patented vertical farming technique, they grow the larvae on a large scale to consume plastic waste and create nutritious food. Their innovative approach has the potential to positively impact both the environment and the food industry.

About the project

This was a contest in our school, brought by the company. The challenge was to strengthen the visual identity and web presence of the company. Their unique offerings needed an equally unique representation that conveyed their values and solutions effectively.

Problems being solved

Norbite faced the challenge of an outdated visual identity and a website that failed to communicate their complex offerings. Our task was to bridge the gap between their services and their digital representation. Their existing brand identity lacked resonance, making it vital to craft a new image that aligned with their values.

How is it being solved

Our team created an eco-friendly and trustworthy brand identity, imparting a sense of authenticity. This new brand identity was seamlessly extended to the UI design, ensuring visual consistency across all touchpoints. The real transformation occurred on their website, where we harnessed the power of UX writing and compelling infographics with custom illustrations. These elements worked in harmony to elucidate their intricate processes, making them comprehensible and engaging for their audience.

The brand values

Eco - Trustworthy - Innoative - Agriculture

open brand identity brochure logotype
open brand identity brochure colors
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visual identity
logotype norbite

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