Brand and Web designer

Hey! Nice to see you here. I’m Sofie and I’m a graphic, brand and web designer with experience in user experience design. I’m located in Malmö, Sweden.

My journey started back in high school in 2012. I stumbled into graphic design and just loved it. I have since then loved creating beautiful and memorable designs that matter.

I developed my knowledge and pursued digital design studies. I also have professional experience in user experience design, where I worked for large companies making seamless journeys and experiences that resonate with the right people.

We would be a great fit if;


You want to give your brand something special and not only a good-looking logo

You have a passion and need help to bring your vision to life

You want a brand that reflects your business' core values

Your current branding doesn’t tell the story of your brand

You desire a brand that connects with your ideal customer

Some things about me

Game enthusiasts

Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Zelda. I just love the process and exploring this magnificent world. And the graphics are really nice!

Hooked on hooks

Yes, AI wrote that title. Nevertheless, I’ve been mastering my crochet skills and practicing on being my 70 year old self.


I have a strong and innate desire to explore new places, experience different cultures, and seek out adventures around the world.

I love cats

I have more friends than I can count – my feline companions! What's life without some furry cuddles?

photo of founder


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