A crazy catlady's story

Who I am

I'm Sofie and I'm currently studying Digital Design in Malmö. I was born and raised in the city but have spent the last few years working in service and traveling the world.

I am a great collaborator and always want the best for my clients. I have previously studied graphic design and interior design. I understand the importance of combining color, shapes, type and texture, and also the value in attention to detail. I have had a passion for design for as long as I can remember. For me, everything in life starts with a problem that needs to be solved. Whether it's the challenge of designing the look and feel of a new product, or figuring out how to organise a stylish schedule.

The name Corselli is an Italian name that comes from my mother and means a person who habitually wished everyone a good day or was a cheerful and happy person.

How I work

I strive to challenge myself both as a person and in my work. I am constantly evolving my design thinking and knowledge to stay on the cutting edge. We identify the problems together and take on the challenges.

My work is designed to be efficient and structured. A deadline is a deadline and a motto of mine is " don't work harder, work smarter ". The best part of my job is being creative and solving problems, but also, meeting people and getting insights into different companies and industries.

Over the years I have met many different people and seen many places. This has given me the knowledge of many aspects that are beneficial to this industry, and I look forward to learning more in the future!

Let me help you bring your vision to life!

Readyto make your visons become reality? 

A brand identity is so much more than just a logo, and you know what? A cohesive and well-designed brand will help you leave a lasting impression on your ideal customers.
I will gladly help you create and develop a brand that is perfect for your business.

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